Executive summary

Executive Summary

Nowadays global warming has increased in vast increments year by year. People are concerned to reduce global warming through various methods.

The main cause of global warming is the use of energy derived from fossil fuels, which were consume profusely in huge demand. This is the reason why many countries has considered to reduce the use of fossil energy, by promoting renewable energy.

Wind, Solar, and other sources of clean energies, are the major sources that came to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. However, the main concern of stability of renewable energy are its limit. Therefore, Beta Energy Solutions Company Limited has considered an adoption of energy storage technology into use. We found that this technology is the perfect solution to increase stability of all source of energy, and able to reduce the use of fossil energy in the most efficient way.

Today, Beta Energy Solutions Company Limited has begun its production of lithium-ion NMC battery cell, using cutting-edge technology from Singapore. Our energy storage is the most optimum solution to be used with various applications i.e. use with renewable energy sources, use in electric vehicles, use with smart utility systems, etc.
Our aim, in the near future, when clean energy become the main source of electricity usage, we would become a part of sustainability of all energy sources and also an important supports of the country’s security in ‘Energy sector’.